Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ok Ok .. I will update my blog :)

Well, let me think .. Where do I start .. After the nasty summer of 08 and 6 inches of water in my home. What is a girl to do .. OH I know .. pick youself up and dry yourself out... live in a hotel for two months while house shopping ! Finding a cute home you can fix up just the way you want and live in a little dust while it's happening ..

I love my new home! I love the area and I love how easy it is to go anywhere or do anything. SIX min's from work on a bad day how sweet. Lots of moving boxes in and out and lots of help from friends and Tab, Wayne, Trey and Mya. I still home lots of unpacking to do and just a little bit of fixing to finish. Easy check list .. Tab and Devin removed the gas fireplace I just need the man to cut and cap the gas line off .. Come on man just do it ! My baths came out great! I still am trying to pick window treatment and of coure nothing is on the walls. But I have lots of time for that right? Hope you stop by soon to see the place ... even if I still have lots of boxes to unpack. If nothing else we can sit in the back yard and light a fire and enjoy .

Friday, November 21, 2008

Big News!

Well yall guess who is closing on their new home next week. Oh Come on guess LOL..

Yes that would be me. It's such a cute home and I can't wait to move in. I just want to have it painted (inside) and redo the two baths .. Just eh .. well maybe that's the wrong word.

I have to pick my paint colors this weekend so my painter can get starts as soon as Tuesday.

Once I go to the sale I will post some pic's. I am telling you

Friday, August 29, 2008

Well What Happened to Happy Friday's

Oh man well today Aug 29 --3 years recouping from Katrina. Now we watch a new storm and plan to run again. Not fun, I am not happy but it's what we do. Right?

Safe travels all my peeps who are going out on the road this Holiday Weekend that's no Holiday for us. SO know it's just not the people running from the storm on the hwy but people who are going on the last of their long weekend vacation for summer.

So off to my sister's home in FL for a long weekend. Planning on having some fun and let's all pray we left for nothing.

god bless and be safe peeps
good luck to all the gulf coast !

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who's Watching Gustav?

Great great great .. No worries yet but are you watching Gustav? Friday is the 3rd Annv. of Hurricane Katrina and what's the big news local? Gustav!! No one is sure where it's heading but all eyes are watching. Lots of stress all around and of course again on a Holiday Weekend .. BLAH ..

SO for now we just check the weather over and over again. Not like we have any control over Gustav but it's best to be one or two steps ahead of the game and planning is part of that game.
If we stress now and it doesn't come we stressed for nothing .. If it does come we just have to stress more .. SO save the stress until later :) (sounds good on paper) ..

But other than that .. Life is Great LOL .....

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Monday

Well Fay spent a few days with my sister Rita in FL and now she is here with her rain and wind.
Oh I am talking about Tropical Storm Fay .. My friend Kittie was teasing me about her visiting all her children (because Fay is my Mom's name). Oh well it's Monday anyway so who cares if it's a wet Monday.

Have a great week yall.

Sunday, August 24, 2008